BenQ W1070 DLP HD 1080p Projector Pros & Cons

BenQ W1070 Home Theater Projector Review

The BenQ W1070 Offers a Home Theater Experience on a Budget

Project images up to 200 inches on a wall in your home. Save money on a movie screen if you want. The BenQ features a native 1080p DarkChip3 DLP Technology, has a 10,000:1 contrast ratio and provides 2000 lumens of brightness.

You can watch Blu-ray movies, play video games on the big screen and enjoy HD broadcasting all with this $600 unit. The BenQ supports multiple forms of 3D, and you can play video from many devices with HDMI x 2 and multiple connectivity options.

The W1070 is also a short-throw projector, which essentially means that it works well in smaller rooms or tight spaces. You can position the projector closer to the projector screen or wall without negatively impacting the image quality.

CNET reports that this budget-friendly projector offers a good value. However, the picture quality rates “Medium”, and they don’t like the fact that the package doesn’t include 3D glasses. They compare it to the Epson 3020, which offers a comparable value in features and price.

Easy Set-up is a Good Thing

This projector is designed with “easy” in mind. All you need to get started is (1) connect to a power source and (2) connect to a video source. The machine has powerful built-in 10W speakers, so you don’t have to worry about finding an audio source. This is genuinely plug-and-play ready.

What’s Good About SmartEco Technology?

Do you like low maintenance and lower energy costs? The BenQ has lower power consumption built right into the device. In turn, this also leads to less upkeep, servicing and repairs over the lifetime of the projector.

Without sacrificing picture quality, you can use 70% less energy to operate the BenQ. The “SmartEco Mode” on the device allows you to control the light (and energy consumption) while still displaying optimal brightness and contrast. They even have a SmartEco Calculator, which shows you how much energy you are saving.

In addition, the projector shifts to “Eco Blank Mode” if the device is turned on more than 3 minutes without having a display point. This also helps to prevent wasted energy. Thus, you can effortlessly extend the life of your BenQ. Pretty cool, right?

To give you a number, the lamp can last up to 6,000 hours. Depending on how often you use your projector, you may never even need to replace the bulb!

BenQ W1070 Specs:

  • Projector with Full-HD 1080p
  • 3D Support for Blu-ray, video games, and more
  • 2 HDMI Inputs
  • Built-in 10W Speakers
  • Energy-Saving SmartEco Technology
  • Optimized color performance in Day and Night modes
  • Includes Lens Shift Technology
  • Has RGBRGB Color Wheel which give you the best of all worlds (ie. bright greyscale, bright colors, good contrast and balanced image)
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