Short Throw Projector Reviews & Comparison Chart

What’s the best short throw projector to buy? Use this chart to compare and review projectors for video and sound quality, wireless capabilities, throw ratio, noise output and unique features. **See special notes below for more information.

Short Throw Projector

Resolution Lumens Contrast Ratio Throw Ratio Speakers/Audio Special Features

BenQ TH671ST

BenQ TH671ST Short Throw Projector

4.6 $799-$850 FHD 1080p 3000 10,000:1 0.69 – 0.83

(ie. 100″ image with projector 57″ away)

5 Watt Stereo Speaker Vibrant colors combined with bright display makes this a great gaming projector. Find out more.


LG PF1000UW Ultra Short Throw Projector

4.1 $1150-$1250 1080P 1000 150,000:1 0.31

(ie. 100″ image with projector 15″ away)

2 x 3 Watt Built-in Speakers Can operate wirelessly (2.5 hour battery life), Bluetooth Sound Out and USB connectivity. Also, 3D ready. Find out more.

Optoma GT1080 Darbee

Optoma GT1080 Darbee Short Throw Projector

4.3 $729-$750 1080P 2800 30,000:1 0.49

(ie. 92″ image with projector 39″ away)

2 x 10 Watt Built-in Speakers Features advanced gaming mode with enhanced graphics. Also, MHL functionality and 3D ready. Get more information.

Viewsonic PJD5553LWS

Viewsonic PJD5553LWS Short Throw Projector

4.3 $530-$550 1280 x 800
3200 20,000:1 0.49

(ie. 100″ image with projector 50″ away)

2 Watt Built-in Speaker

Features SuperColor Technology for true-to-life image color. 3D ready. More details.

Epson PowerLite 680

Epson PowerLite 680 Short Throw Projector

4.2 $1075-$1110 1024 x 768
3500 14,000:1 0.32 – 0.43

(ie. 92″ image with projector 11″ away)

16 Watt Built-in Speaker Split Screen: display content from two inputs simultaneously, side by side, on a single screen. Also, WIFI support and MHL functionality. Package does not include wall mount ($109). Find out more about the Epson PowerLite

BenQ HT2150ST

BenQ HT2150ST Short Throw Projector

4.9 $869-$910 1080P 2,200 15,000:1 0.69 – 0.83

(ie. 100″ image with projector 59″ away)

2 x 10 Watt Built-in Speakers High responsiveness for better gaming experience. Also, MHL functionality and 3D ready. Read more

Optoma GT5500

Optoma GT5500 Short Throw Gaming Projector

3.7 $1099-$1150 1080P 3500 25,000:1 0.25

(ie. 100″ image with projector 13″ away)

16 Watt Built-in Speaker Ideal for gaming and watching sports. Also, 3D ready. Plus, get the optional Optoma Wireless Transmitter to wirelessly connect tablets, laptops, consoles & more. See details.

**About Choosing a Short Throw Projector:

1. How Important are the Amount of Lumens?

Typically, you want to look for higher lumens if you want to have a brighter picture. For example, more lumens will display a clearer, more visable picture in rooms with ambient light.

That said, some short throw projectors can create a large image even when they are only inches from the wall. In this case, high lumens are not as important (as with traditional projectors) because the light source is so close.

2. How Does Contrast Ratio Affect the Video Picture?

Contrast Ratio Comparison for Projectors
courtesy of
Contrast ratio measures the difference between light and dark on the screen. Typically the higher the contrast ratio, the greater the video definition.

This factor matters more if you plan on using your projector in rooms with ambient light. In dark rooms, a higher contrast ratio won’t matter as much. Below is a comparison:

Display an Image on the Floor or Table with the Sony Portable Wireless Projector

3. Do You Want Projector Portability?

Many people choose short throw projectors because you can easily carry them, set them and move them around. For instance, you can display an image on a wall, a ceiling or a table.

In addition, you can now find a short throw projector that has wireless capabilities. This means that you can use the unit while plugged in, or run it off batteries.

This takes “portability” to a whole new level. Think backyard movie nights, presentations anywhere or even moving your home theater to different rooms in your house…

4. What is MHL – Why Would I Want It?

As explained by Techradar, MHL (Mobile High Definition Link) enables you to view the media on your phone/tablet on a big screen. In short, you plug the MHL cable into the micro USB port on your phone or tablet and connect the other end into an HDMI port on your projector.

MHL is compatible with many Android products. However, for an Apple iOS device, you will need to get a Lightning Adapter instead.


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