DBPOWER T20 Mini Projector – Is It Worth $99?

CiBest Mini Projector with Big Screen Projection, Multi-Device Compatibility, Affordable PriceNote: The DBPower T20 is out of stock, so we suggest checking out the CiBest Mini Projector.

The CiBest is compatible with multiple devices, including smartphones, iPads, Laptops, TV sticks, DVD, Xbox, PS4 and more. Plus, this compact projector can create a “big screen” experience up to 200″, and it has built-in speakers. We were amazed at how the low price was.

About 85% of people who buy or test-drive the DBPower T20 Mini Projector really like the device. However, keep in mind that it only costs about $100.

DBPower T20 Mini Projector: Is It Worth $100? Here's What I Think

1. Projector Image Quality

First of all, many people are impressed by the image quality. Although the video picture does not match that of high-end devices, it does beat many budget-priced competitors.

Note: By the way, the manufacturer says that the best image is at 130″ when the projector is 6.5-8 feet away from the wall/screen.

The DBPower T20 boasts a high 1500 lumens (for low-priced models). That said, one user reported that the image didn’t appear any brighter than a competing 500 lumen unit.

Also, this projector works well in dark environments only. Therefore, don’t plan on using it in a well-lit room.

2. Speaker Sound Quality

Second, the T20 comes with built-in speakers that are located at the base of the unit. Most people agree that the sound quality is decent. Those same people also recommend connecting to outside speakers for better sound.

One person even referred to the audio as “less than horrible”, which is what many people expect from entry level projectors such as this. In short, know that the mini projector comes with speakers, but maybe don’t plan on using them all the time.

3. Low Fan Noise

Third, the fan noise is surprisingly low, but this is by design. The DBPower has a heat-dispersion cooling system that simultaneously cools the device and suppresses the noise.

4. Mount Projector Upside Down from the Ceiling

Fourth, You can mount this projector upside down from the ceiling. The system allows you to flip the screen for proper viewing so that you can position the unit up high and out of the way.

5. Long Lamp Life

This LED bulb has an extended lamp life of 50000 hours. Therefore, even if you watch a 2 hour movie every day, your projector’s lamp should last many years. Forget about additional replacement lamp costs!

6. Protective Projector Lens Cover:

Lastly, the projector lens comes with a protective cover, which you can use to safeguard your lens when not in use. Conveniently, the cover connects with a string, so you won’t end up misplacing or losing it.

However, the focus knob pushes the lens outward from the unit. Therefore, in order to put the lens cover back on, you will need to turn the focus knob to pull the lens back in. In some cases, like if you hang your projector from the ceiling, you may find it easier to simply leave the lens cover off.

Conveniently Connect the DBPower T20 to Virtually Any Device…

DBPower T20 Mini Projector and Compatible Devices that You Can Connect to It: Cameras, Laptops, TV Boxes, Gaming Devices, Smart Phones and Tablets, USB Drives and more

Yes, you can hook the DBPower T20 up to an Xbox, Apple TV, Playstation, or any other device that connects using a HDMI cable. In other words, any device that you can hook up to a television you can connect to this mini projector.

USB, Audio, HDMI, Headphone, VGA and Memory Card Outlets on Side and Back of DBPower T20 Mini ProjectorAs you can see in the image on the right, the unit has a VGA plug on the back if you want to connect a computer. In addition, the side features headphone and audio/video jacks as well as 2 USB ports.

Plus, the SD card slot allows you to input a memory card, like for photos. And lastly, the HDMI port connects your other electronic devices to the projector.

By the way, this device can connect to WIFI, so you can use it with your smartphone or tablet too. Just get a WIFI dongle to plug into the HDMI port.

Components in DBPower T20 Mini Projector Package

Package Includes:

  • Projector
  • Remote Control
  • Power Cable
  • HDMI Cable
  • Audio Component Cable
  • Kickstand (Elevates the projector to the angle you need)
  • User Guide

Below is a complete video review of the DBPower T20 Mini Projector:

Get the DBPower Mini Projector Here

My Ending Thoughts…

Overall, for the low price, I think the DBPower projector offers a great deal. You get lots of versatility, low operating cost, WIFI capability and a free HDMI cord (not always included).

On the other hand, this device doesn’t work well for presentations, as it projects best in dark rooms. It doesn’t provide the optimal home theater experience, due to the budget image and sound quality factors.

DBPOWER T20 Mini Projector Specs:

  • Imaging Technology: TFT LCD
  • Brightness: 1500 Lumens
  • Contrast: 1000:1
  • Aspect Ratio: 16:10
  • Projection Ratio: 1.4:1
  • Native Resolution: 800 x 480 pixels
  • Supported Resolution: 1920 x 1080 pixels
  • Keystone: Manual Correction ±15°
  • Screen Size: 32-176 inches
  • Get the Mini Projector on Sale Here



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