Epson VS240 3LCD Projector – The Budget Bargain!

Epson VS240 SVGA 3LCD ProjectorThe Epson VS240 is a lower priced projector $359 $299, yet it has 3000 lumens color brightness, 3000 lumens white brightness and supports HDMI.

According to Epson, it qualifies as a business projector for basic presentations rather than for a home theater.

However, this machine has plenty of benefits, even for watching movies at home. In my opinion, it’s worth a second look.

1. Visual Display is Better than Expected

First of all, both the color and white brightness enable you to watch videos even if the room is not pitch black. This gives you more flexibility as to where and when you use your projector.

The white brightness is a big advantage if you want to use it during the daytime to watch a football game or something, or when the lights are on in the house. That said, the video quality will always be better in a darker environment.

Color brightness, as you’d expect, provides more accurate color. Although some people may not notice this effect unless different images are viewed side-by side, I think that higher color brightness helps images stand out more almost like contrast would.

The VS240 is also a 3LCD projector, which basically means that it displays much better color. This video explains exactly how it works:

2. Energy Efficient & Longer Lamp Life

Second, 3LCD projectors are also more energy efficient without sacrificing projector performance. 25% more energy efficient, to be exact.

In addition, lamps typically last up to 10,000 hours. This is yet another way to save money with this unit. Replacing lamps is not cheap. With the Epson VS240, you can replace bulbs less frequently (if ever!).

3. Easy, Portable & Convenient

Third, like most upscale projectors these days, the Epson VS240 supports HDMI. This means that you can connect to virtually all types of electronics (ie. laptops, tablets, media players, smartphones, etc..). Both video and audio get picked up in just one cable.

Because the VS240 is designed as a business device, you get the added benefits of a lightweight machine with fast, easy set up. This is a big advantage to pretty much everyone, but especially to those looking for a more portable projector.

If you want to occasionally watch movies in the backyard or use the projector in different rooms in the house, this is a convenient option.

4. Budget-Friendly

Fourth, this unit is a SVGA projector with a budget-friendly resolution (800 x 600). It’s mainly used for projecting business presentations and graphics (as I referred to above).

The drawback to a SVGA projector is that it lacks the image detail of its upscale counterparts. That said, these units can still display excellent color and brightness. If resolution is not that big of a deal to you, these models are less expensive than XGA or WXGA versions.

Epson VS240 Specs:

  • Color Brightness: 3000 Lumens
  • White Brightness: 3000 Lumens
  • SVGA Resolution (800×600)
  • Contrast Ratio: Up to 15,000:1
  • Size (projected distance): 30″ – 350″
  • Keystone Correction: Yes, Vertical & Horizontal

Note: Some users report that the VS240 is somewhat noisy, while others have no complaints. Fan noise can also be reduced by using “Eco Mode” vs “Normal Mode”.



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