Projector Screens: To Buy or Not To Buy?

Elite Screens Projector Screen on WallTo build a home theater, you don’t necessarily need to buy a projector screen. In fact, if you have a large white untextured wall, they can work just fine as “DIY projector screens”.

However, most people don’t have a bright white wall in their home that doesn’t have some sort of texture added to it. Plus, many people are looking for thebest quality visual display that they can get when watching movies on the big screen. That’s where a screen comes in handy.

That said, if you are in doubt, try projecting and watching a movie on your wall first before purchasing a screen. The brightness and quality of your projector can actually make a big difference in the visual display itself. You can always pick up a screen later.

Below is a video from Elite Screens explaining the basics of what to expect from a quality retractable projector screen. Their Spectrum screens cost around $200-$500, depending on the size you get.

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Watch Movies in More Places…

Yes, besides providing a nice flat surface on which to project your movies, projector screens have the added benefit of retracting out-of-sight when they are not in use. You probably already know this.

What you might not have thought about is that you can hang a retractable screen above a set of closet doors in a bedroom. By day, it stays retracted and remains otherwise unnoticed – but at night you can pull it down and essentially have a giant movie screen that you can watch from bed!

Think of where else this trick might work. In front of a book case? A cabinet? A window with blinds? Now that you know this, it becomes much easier to create the ideal home theater.

Screens are Portable

You probably already guessed this too. It’s pretty obvious. But you might not have considered watching movies outside from your deck or backyard – or your garage – or taking your system to a friend’s house for a special event.

Even if you have the ideal location in mind and don’t plan on moving your theater around the house, you never know. Having the versatility that a portable screen offers can sometimes come in handy when you least expect it.

What to Look for in a Home Theater Movie Screen

  1. First, select the size you want. This will depend on the space you have in your home and the location you decide to use.

  2. Second, check the aspect ratio of the screen. Although this is not critical, if you want your screen dimensions to closely match the dimensions displayed from your projector, keep this in mind.

  3. Third, think about whether or not you want a remote control operated screen. This can be a great feature, not to mention convenient, but this added function does cost more. On the other hand, a manual pull-down version doesn’t require a power outlet to work. This makes it more portable and easier to use outdoors.

What I Like About the Homegear Projector Screen

Homegear Projector ScreenSo check this out. Homegear makes a cool projector screen that has everything – but also at a low price.

Firstly, it’s huge. It has a 106″ diagonal screen (approx 52″ tall x 92.5″ wide). We’re not paying less but then getting a small screen. It’s significant.

Secondly, it’s a motorized, retractable device. You don’t need to yank it down every time you want to use it. Just press a button. Or better yet, see #3.

Thirdly, it comes with a remote control which works from 25 feet away. This means that you can magically “pull down” the movie screen without ever getting up from the sofa (or bed). Just let the remote control do the pulling for you.

Fourth, the screen material can actually be washed with soap and water if (somehow) it gets dirty. You could simply avoid the dirt problem altogether by sticking with the remote control and keeping your distance from the screen.

Fifth, the backing has a multi-layer structure, which keeps light out and creates an even better viewing experience. (Remember above when I mentioned hanging a screen over a window? No problem with this one!)

Sixth, The screen can be attached to either a ceiling or a wall. This makes it ultra-versatile (as if it wasn’t versatile enough already)

Seventh, the company went above and beyond by added even more features. Why? I’m not sure. It’s a great deal without these additional bonuses.

  • Energy Efficient Motor (that’s also quiet)
  • Static Resistant
  • Fire Retardant
  • Mildew Resistant

Projector Screen Specs:

  • 16:9 Aspect ratio
  • 100″ Diagonal screen size (48.5″ x 87″)
  • Case Size: 100″ x Dia 3″
  • Product Weight: 21.6lbs

Here’s an exciting video of this home theater screen in action. (Make sure you’re sitting down).

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Make Your Own Projector Screen?

There’s nothing wrong with making your own screen either. Materials are cheap, and you can build a custom size that works best for you.

Many people make projector screens by attaching basic blackout cloth to a frame that they build from wood. Carl’s Blackout Cloth is very popular, and you can get it on Amazon.

And the video below shows you how to make a screen for about $70:

Get the Optoma HD26 Projector


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