Optoma HD142X Projector Pros & Cons

Optoma HD142X Projector Pros & ConsI’ll get right to the point here. Some of the greatest features (and most people agree on this) is that the picture quality is great (crisp and clear), the projector fan makes very little noise and you can hook up the projector to your own sound system for amazing audio.

You also get a lot of cool features and functions with this device, which I’ll go into below. The bottom line is that you can get high visual and audio quality at a good value and have no regrets with this investment.

Well, this may explain why this
sub-$600 Optoma projector is a best seller. 96% of customers are impressed, and quite possibly surprised.

Features of Optoma HD142X Projector:

1. 1920 x 1080p Full HD Resolution

Get sharper and more detailed projection. This model is great for watching Blu-ray movies. The HD142X also has Full 3D capability.

2. 3000 ANSI Lumens & a 23,000:1 Contrast Ratio

This means you get a bright screen with vibrant colors, and industry-leading crisp, clear contrast. You aren’t limited to just watching movies at night. You can watch them during the daytime or in rooms with ambient light.)

3. 8000-Hour Lamp Life

This translates to minimal maintenance and a low lifetime cost. Why buy a low-priced projector if you end up having to spend a lot of time and money on maintenance and replacement bulbs, right?

With an extended lamp life of an impressive 8,000 hours, even if you watch a two-hour movie every day, your projector’s lamp should last over 10 years.

4. Projected Screen Size & Image

The Optoma HD142x can fill an entire wall of a room from only 12 feet away. You don’t have to have a giant home theater to create the big screen experience at home.

This projector also has Keystone Correction, so you can get a perfect visual display without having the projector perfectly aligned with the wall.

Screen Size Range: 66-inches from 8 feet; 107-inches from 12 feet

5. MHL Connectivity

These days, we are just as likely to want to watch a video on our smartphone or tablet as we are a show on TV. The Optoma HD142X features MHL Connectivity (Mobile High-Definition Link).

Now you can connect all of these different electronics (or even wireless devices like the Roku Stick) to your projector, and you don’t even need a TV!

6. 10 Watt Built-in Speaker

Looking for powerful, crystal clear sound? This projector has great audio, and you don’t need exterior speakers to experience high quality audio. That said, you can connect it to your own sound system for an incredible home theater (or backyard movie night) experience.

Unboxing & Review:

What’s Not So Great:

Even though I really like the Optoma HD142X, keep in mind that this product sells as a “business projector” rather than a home theater system. Don’t compare it to a $1,500 package or you will be disappointed. Also, if you’re looking for a high-end home theater system with excellent sound, you can do better than this Optoma projector.

Some people argue that they don’t see why someone should buy the HD142X over the HD141X. However, there are some minor, yet significant upgrades, such as the 8,000 hour lamp life (vs 6,500)



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