Sony VPL HW45ES Home Theater & Gaming Projector 1-2-3

If you want to go big and create an immersive cinematic experience in your home, you don’t have to buy a ton of equipment. You don’t have to spend weeks and thousands of dollars remodeling your home either.

Sony VPL HW45ES Home Theater Projector

Step 1: Invest in a Cinematic Projector

A cinematic-quality device can deliver a bright, realistic, larger-than-life display. Therefore, you don’t have to get fancy furniture, blackout curtains or even a movie screen. In fact, if you invest in a premium level projector like Sony’s line of home cinema projectors, most of the work is already done for you.

Sony-VPL-HW45ES Premium Home Theater Projector on SaleYou see, with a higher quality picture, you can project on virtually any wall in your home an get a clear image. (Sony’s upscale projectors are designed specifically for 85″ displays or larger.)

This means that you don’t have to limit the size of your movie or football game to the size of a pull-down screen. You can easily get immersed in a movie when you’ve got a giant screen, right?

Note: You don’t have to buy Sony’s top-of-the-line $60,000 model to create an impressive home theater. Start with their lowest-priced premium product, which costs under $2,000.

The Sony VPL HW45ES Projector May Be a Better Value than You Think…

In addition, the higher level of brightness allows you to watch television and sports events during the day without having to black out the room. Essentially, you can use your projector more often, therefore making it a much better value than a cheap projector that you hardly use.

As I mentioned above, there’s no need for a movie screen. Sony projectors are powerful enough to display a clear, bright image on virtually any wall. Their premium line is designed specifically for people who want a screen size larger than 85″.

See what I mean below. These guys are watching football on the big screen in broad daylight:

Awesome home theaters provide a great excuse to have friends over and host parties more often. They turn regular activities into special events, and you can do it all without leaving the comfort of your home.

Even though the Sony VPL HW45ES can transform a plain wall into an entire movie screen, this lightweight, compact and ultra portable device is easy to setup and move. Relocate it between rooms if you need to, or you can even use it outdoors in your backyard.

So, How Does the Sony VPL HW45ES Compare to Other Projectors?

Here are some key selling points that make this projector stand out from the rest:

  • Advanced SXRD panel technology gives you crisp, sharp full HD pictures.
  • 1,800 lumens brightness combined with a high contrast ratio produces super clear images, even in well-lit rooms.
  • Motionflow technology minimizes blur during action shots.
  • Long-lasting 6,000 hour lamp translates to lower maintenance and reduced operating cost.
  • Wide zoom and shift lens provides easier and more flexible installation options.
  • Whisper-quiet fan emits only 22db while running. Quiet!
  • The fan faces the front. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about wall clearance, which in turn maximizes throw distance.
  • There are 9 unique settings for different viewing options, including cinema, gaming, photo and more. For example, it has “input lag reduction” mode for more responsive gaming.

Sony VPL HW45ES Specs:

  • Resolution: Full HD (1920 X 1080)
  • Screen Size: 40″ to 300″
  • Display Technology: SXRD
  • Brightness: 1,800 Lumens (color and white)
  • Image Contrast Ratio: 60,000:1
  • Connectivity: HDMI (2)
  • Lamp Life: 6,000 Hours
  • Projector Mount Sold Separately
  • Recommended 3D Glasses: TDG-BT500A
  • Model Year: 2016
  • Download the Spec Sheet
  • Get the Projector on Sale

Step 2: Get High Performance Surround Sound – But Pay Less

Next, get your sound. If you want a suggestion, the Elac Debut Series 5.1 System delivers an excellent deal. The package makes your audio easy, yet awesome.

It comes with 2 floor speakers, 2 bookshelf speakers, a center speaker and subwoofer. The complete system costs less than $1,200 but sounds better than even higher priced systems. I got this recommendation from The Wirecutter when researching surround sound speakers.

Of course, if you already have an audio system that you want to use, go for it. No need to buy anything new.

Sony makes an entire line of premium home theater projectors, from the VPL HW45ES up to the VPL VW5000ES home theater laser projector priced at $60,000.

As a leader in the industry, Sony’s Premium Home Cinema Projectors go above and beyond what you’d expect from a home theater. Expect to become fully immersed in the movie-watching experience – right in your own home.

Step 3: Create a Cozy Home Theater with Darker Walls, About $35

In my opinion (and many interior decorators), a key component to a great home theater is dark walls. Seriously, it’s amazing to see the difference that an inexpensive can of paint can make on a movie room. Plus, you can do it yourself.

You can paint an entire room a medium to dark grey color or just paint one wall. Of course, if you use a wall as your movie screen, leave that wall white.

Sony Projector Package Includes:

  • Sony VPL HW45ES Projector
  • RM-PJ28 Remote Control
  • 2 Size AA Batteries
  • 6-foot Power Cable
  • Lens Cap
  • Operating Instructions (CD) & Quick Reference Manual
  • Get it Here



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